Anna Maria Herminghaus

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Personendaten:weiblich (1800 – 1866) Eltern:Stammbaum  Verbindung 1:Familienblatt Johann Ferdinand Voss∞ 03.05.1818 Wülfrath
  Anna Maria Herminghaus
Verbindung 2:Familienblatt Johann Friedrich Diederichs* 05.10.1804 Wuppertal-Elberfeld
≈ 15.10.1804 Neviges
∞ ca. 1832
  Anna Maria Herminghaus
† 08.06.1859 Newton, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
  (1804 – 1859)

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Taufeintrag (IGI): „Anna Maria Herminghaus“, Eltern „Peter Herminghaus“ und „Anna Maria Muntenbruk“
1. Heiratseintrag (IGI): „Anna Maria Herminghaus“, keine Eltern genannt
http://trees.ancestry.de/pt/ViewStory.aspx?tid=209876&pid=-1906530950&oid=93502b88-b776-4955-9e3b-9a77e5f9f070 :
From Elberfeld to Manitowoc (Hinzugefügt von k8rist am 31 Mrz 2007)
Bremen, August 16, 1847

After we had at last torn ourselves from your loving embraces, had thrown into our wagon at Barmen by the friendly Helmensteins a pair of shoes, (which fit our Auguste just right), had received a Gemarke a hurried and hearty handshake from the Deussens, and then had bid farewell with blessings and good wishes from dear uncle, aunt and family, we had plenty of leisure to reflect, not only upon the days just passed, but also upon the guidance of the faithful and wonderful God. That with these reflections many a tear had to be forcibly restrained by myself and my dear wife, you can easily imagine.
Two bottles of wine and some bread with cheese and sausage from the good aunt Voss came in very handy during the trip and lasted until Minden, where we arrived safely at ten o'clock the following morning.
In Werl we met the first emigrants, three Wirtembergians, two of them, husband and wife, though no farmers, yet real charming persons, with whom we would like to have made the whole journey to Milwaukee; the third was a jovial, frivolous tinsmith whose family was sending him to America to reform. Until Bremen we remained together, but there we lost each other, and will hardly meet again.
Saturday morning, at five-thirty, we saw in Minden the first emigration scenes, several wagons filled with emigrants and baggage standing on the shore, awaiting the departure. On account of low water it was impossible for all to embark and hence the greater part had to remain until the following day. I inquired of the latter whether those on shore did not also want to go to America, and then was told the above.
Then, in turn, I was asked, „Are you also going to America, and where are you from“ and when I answered yes and that I was from Elberfeld, he instantly said, „Then you must be the Diederichs I have heard about a great deal. I am a poor sin[ner] like you and there on the shore are still more; my name is Schnacke, from Luebbecke near Minden; I was servant at Schroers not far from Orsoy, and now I and my bride, who hails from Orsoy, are going to America, in advance of our friends from Orsoy and Wesel.“
Unfortunately we were again separated and I have neither seen nor heard of them since.
Here it is also crowded with emigrants, 500 of them are said to have come at random and now must unhappily wait. Our lodging, „im Weserthal“, is filled with Prussians, Saxons, Bavarians, Wirtembergians, Hanoveranians, Hessians, etc. among them infants of 3 weeks, and old men from 60 to 70 years. We are gradually being led to ever greater privations and are already learning to reconcile ourselves to circumstances. Our hosts are good people and do what they can and have shown us many preferences without increase of cost. Nevertheless Fred and Carl had to sleep on a straw-bed on the floor, and the rest of us had only two single beds, from which we arose in the morning more tired than when we lay down in the evening.
Wink and Vogel were greatly pleased when they met us and we were just as glad. They have a room next to us. This morning ...

♥ = Vorfahren                                                                              __________________________
                                                             ♥ Peter HERMINGHAUS          ∞ ca. 1709
|__________________________ | x1709 ♥ Johann Peter HERMINGHAUS  ≈ 13.05.1719 Breckerfeld
∞ ca. 1745
  Katharina Gertrud Wüster
| __________________________ | (1719-....)x1745 | | | |♥ N.  ∞ ca. 1709
  Peter Herminghaus
|__________________________ | x1709 ♥ Johann Peter HERMINGHAUS * 06.11.1745 Wuppertal-Barmen
∞ 20.06.1782 Wülfrath
  Anna Maria Montenbroich
† 11.02.1827 Wülfrath
| __________________________ | (1745-1827)x1782 | | | | _____________________________|__________________________ | | | | |♥ Katharina Gertrud WÜSTER  ∞ ca. 1745
  Johann Peter Herminghaus
| __________________________ | x1745 | | | |_____________________________|__________________________ |--Anna Maria HERMINGHAUS≈ 11.12.1800 Wülfrath
∞ 03.05.1818 Wülfrath
  Johann Ferdinand Voss
∞ ca. 1832
  Johann Friedrich Diederichs
† 15.07.1866 Newton, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
| (1800-1866)x1818 __________________________ | | | ♥ Johann Jakob MONTENBROICH  * ca. 1700
∞ ca. 1726
  Katharina Gertrud Klaumann
† 1732 Kettwig
|__________________________ | | (1700-1732)x1726 | ♥ Johann Heinrich MONTENBROICH ≈ 08.09.1729 Kettwig
∞ 20.10.1754 Mettmann
  Maria Katharina Rosendahl
| | | (1729-....)x1754 | ♥ Johann Wilhelm KLAUMANN>* ca. 1670
∞ 09.10.1695 Linnep
  Gertrud am Hagen
♥ | | | | (1670-....)x1695 | | |♥ Katharina Gertrud KLAUMANN ≈ 12.07.1703 Linnep
∞ ca. 1726
  Johann Jakob Montenbroich
∞ 26.04.1733 Kettwig
  Johann Peter Beicken
|♥ Gertrud am HAGEN  >* ca. 1675
∞ 09.10.1695 Linnep
  Johann Wilhelm Klaumann
♥ | | (1703-....)x1726 (1675-....) |♥ Anna Maria MONTENBROICH  ≈ 28.04.1765 Kettwig
∞ 20.06.1782 Wülfrath
  Johann Peter Herminghaus
| (1765-....)x1782 | ♥ Rütger ROSENDAHL  >≈ 11.09.1663 Mettmann
∞ ca. 1699
  Agnes von Hülsbeck
♥ | | (1663-....)x1699 | ♥ Heinrich ROSENDAHL  ≈ 24.01.1703 Mettmann
∞ 24.02.1726 Mettmann
  Anna Gertrud von der Eick
† vor 1736
|♥ Agnes von HÜLSBECK  * ca. 1678
∞ ca. 1699
  Rütger Rosendahl
| | (1703-1736)x1726 (1678-....) |♥ Maria Katharina ROSENDAHL  ≈ 21.09.1727 Mettmann
∞ 20.10.1754 Mettmann
  Johann Heinrich Montenbroich
± 20.05.1802 Kettwig
| (1727-1802)x1754 | ♥ Johannes von der EICK  >* ca. 1650
∞ 04.02.1674 Mettmann
  Maria von Otzbach
∞ 17.10.1683 Mettmann
  Gertrud Kaldenberg
♥ | | (1650-....)x1683 |♥ Anna Gertrud von der EICK  ∞ 24.02.1726 Mettmann
  Heinrich Rosendahl
∞ 10.06.1736 Mettmann
  Rütger Schwalbenberg
∞ 05.02.1741 Mettmann
  Jakob Langenscheid
|♥ Gertrud KALDENBERG  >* ca. 1660
∞ 17.10.1683 Mettmann
  Johannes von der Eick
♥ x1726 (1660-....)
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